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I specialise as a group therapist because groups enable people to get the support they need to make real change.  Group members often report that their group sessions are a high point in their week.   Belonging to a group enables them to explore ways that they get stuck in relationships.  Whatever keeps tripping you up in life:  if you find it hard to value yourself, to ask for help when you are struggling or deal with conflict the same problems will become visible in the group and how you relate to others.  Only in a group it is possible to pause and work out what is going wrong in the present ; in the group. It is in the here and now of a group that the group is able to work together to work things out.  Rather than just talking about what happens out there, the group can quickly show you how you block yourself and offer valuable feedback and support. 


I am committed to making groups more widely accessible and I welcome difference - so if you identify as LGBTQi or are part of a minority then you are especially welcome to get in touch.  I have group members who have come to the Uk from other cultures and we find this also enriches the groups.  I offer a range of fees and offer 25% of my time at a low cost as part of my commitment to this.  I am a Senior Associate and co-founder of  Brighton Therapy Centre.  I have been practicing one to one and group psychotherapy for the past thirty years.  I  work with individuals and groups and have  experience of a wide range of areas including ADHD, ADD, depression, anxiety,  stress, low self esteem and problems with relationships.  I am a full member of the Institute of Group Analysis and qualified to work with trainee Group Analysts seeking therapy as part of their training. 


I originally trained at WPF Counselling & Psychotherapy as a Group Analyst.  I am also a member of  U.K.C.P.  and adhere to their code of ethics.  I have  undertaken further training in Myers Briggs Type Indicator,  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy,  Mentalization Based Group Therapy,  Clinical Supervision and  Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting.

Group psychotherapy - a gym for the emotions?  

We are all born into a family group and absorb ways of relating, our self image, our sense of ourselves from this experience.  Sometimes, our family can not provide the kind of environment we need to grow.  Group therapy provides the space to enable this to happen. 

In a group you find that when one person shares a problem, others will instinctively reply with their own similar experience. It is this kind of frank  sharing that helps us to understand ourselves at our core.  One person might talk about a relationship break up and feelings of rejection and hurt.  In a group therapy, the other people in the room will tend to respond by sharing their own experiences of the same.  Break up, rejection, shame, loss are no longer just your problem. You will start to see yourself as no longer being alone but having struggles that all of us as human beings have to face.  If you are very hard on yourself or prone to feelings of shame and embarassment, hearing other's embarassing moments can be an immediate tonic !   At the same time, group members have a special opportunity to give each other feedback. We often don't realise how and why we affect those we are closest to.  You might find that you unwittingly upset or irritate your friends, or are too cautious in what you say. Unlike individual therapy, your group can see you in action - not just what you recall happened last week but what you are  like for real in the here and now of the group. As every one is in it together, there is a warmth and support and a place to moan about your frustrations and well as celebrate when you have made a positive change.  Knowing how you are in groups will help you get more out of all kinds of situation - be it working in a team at work or juggling family relationships.   Perhaps you are too private and people feel shut out because you keep your feelings hidden. Or perhaps you find it hard to contain emotions and feel embarassed and labelled  by others as the moody or tricky one?  A group is a place to  get to the core of these things and have a kinder more balanced view of yourself.  Once we understand why we are the way we are, it gets easier to be kind to yourself and discover new ways of approaching our lives.  


" I realised I was not the only one to have these problems and it was a huge relief  !" 


Most people find the idea of a group quite daunting, and may not have even considered this option.  There is evidence that group and individual therapy are equally effective.    Some people need an extended period to talk through their difficulties individually while others gain great relief from sharing with others and realizing that they are not alone.  Group therapy is not a quick fix. As we are seeking to work through problems that have been created over years in childhood, it also takes time to get to the root causes of your difficulties and make changes.  For this reason, I encourage new members to give themselves time to settle into the group - research tells us that most people experience a significant benefit within two years. 



For an example of group therapy practice from the US, see the acclaimed YouTube series Group based on Irvin Yalom's book The Shopenhauer Cure at


Initial consultation 

This takes place over one or two fifty minute sessions.  We will talk about what  brought you into therapy. I will listen and ask lots of questions so that we an get to the root of what is going troubling you.  I will ask about your past and present relationships and how long you have felt this way.  I will give you feedback and ideas as to how I see your difficulties and how and if a group might help.   If a group is not the best first step we will look at other options.  If I am not the best person to help you, I can refer you to one of my colleagues at Brighton Therapy Centre.  

How much does it cost?

The fee is agreed in the initial session.

Group psychotherapy:  £33 - £38  per 90 minute session.

One to one sessions of 50 minutes prior to starting in a group : £56 - £96

I am committed to making psychotherapy accessible and will therefore try to accommodate your current financial situation as far as possible.  Some low fee places may be available - please ask.


For more information about individual or group sessions

Please call 07905 941 944 or . Calls will be returned in confidence. 


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