Susan Wright, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Tel:  07986 460 782


Location: Flat 5, 17 Melville Road, Seven Dials, Brighton BN3 1TH 



I am a Member of the Guild of Psychotherapists, a UKCP registered  Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and a Member of Psychotherapy Sussex. I have over 30 years experience offering psychotherapy in the voluntary sector, Social Services and  NHS. I have worked as a private psychotherapist for 19 years. I  work  with people with a wide range of difficulties including depression and anxiety. 


How can Psychotherapy help me?

When we start in psychotherapy we are able to think about the issues which preoccupy us and  explore how our present difficulties relate to our past experiences. Our past means of coping may no longer be helpful to us and cause difficulties in our relationships and our capacity to enjoy life.  Understanding these self-destructive patterns enables us to make new choices in our lives. It is a means to translate what can seem like shameful problems into a more ordinary and understandable context which can allow us to find another perspective upon ouselves and others.


Regular  psychotherapy sessions enable us to experience a safe space in which to reflect and to discover more about the unconscious feelings which can limit us. It is possible to voice feelings which may have previously been unspeakable. There can be points in the psychotherapy when we change our perception of ourselves and others in our lives. This can be both challenging and deeply rewarding and enable us to more flexibly approach relationships and problems in the future. As children we were immersed in the emotions of those closest to us and this very much informs our future relationships.Our present ways of relating to others is in turn reflected in our relationship with our psychotherapist The psychotherapist has particular skills in listening to the quality of dialogue, as well as to the content, in order to reflect back some of the underlying anxieties you experience within your relationships. It is possible to look at what is being expressed in the immediacy of the therapeutic relationship and to use this as a tool to find more meaningful relationships with others.


Some people dont like the word ‘analytic’ because of its associations with an impersonal or intellectual method. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a very humane approach which enables us to get to know ourselves and the particular struggles we face in our lives. The psychotherapist has extensive training and experience in understanding the meaning of behaviour and emotional stress.


Initial Consultation

The aim of the consultation is to find out whether psychotherapy would be helpful and is for one hour and ten minutes.  The fee is £75


Sessions and Fees

I offer fifty minutes sessions at the same time each week from my Seven Dials consulting room. I offer once, twice or thrice weekly sessions.The fee is £70 a session.


To arrange an initial consultation please call Susan on 07986 460 782  or click here for email



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Code of Ethics
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