Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - What is CBT?

Brighton and Psychotherapy and Counselling provides individual Cognitive Behavioual Therapy in Brighton with properly (CBT specialist) qualified practitioners.  Conveniently based in serval locations in Brighton, CBT is a highly effective approach across a wide range of mental health problems.  



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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT] is a collection of approaches developed over the last 50 years.  It is a highly regarded therapy with a strong evidence base for its efficacy, also with proven effectiveness beyond therapy ending.


CBT has its earliest roots in behaviourism, and it later developed to consider the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  CBT therapists now work with more deep-seated beliefs [schema] that we hold about ourselves, and the rules and assumptions by which we run our lives.  


More recently CBT practice has moved on to consider not just the content of our thoughts and feelings, but how we manage our over-arching relationship with them and is starting to draw from other therapeutic approaches such as psychoanalytic psychotherapy and Bhuddism.  


As an approach to therapy, CBT helps people drop things that don't work and focus on things that work better.


CBT for Insomnia


We have a spacial interest in treating insomnia, a debilitating condition for those who experience it.


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What’s the evidence for it and how can it be used?


CBT has produced a lot of high quality evidence for its benefit as a psychotherapy, which has resulted in it being promoted in guidelines for named conditions;  an approach spearheaded by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence [NICE].  


NICE recommend CBT for the treatment of anxiety disordersdepressionPost Traumatic Stress Disorder  [PTSD], Bipolar Disordermedically unexplained symptoms and insomnia.


CBT has become more widely practiced in the UK under the recent Improved Access To Psychological Therapies [IAPT] initiative.  Parallel to this initiative more detailed clinical guidelines have been developed to inform the practice of CBT for particular conditions.


CBT is user friendly, and uses a process of formulation. A formulation is an explanation of the causes and maintaining factors of an emotional problem. It is written in collaboration between you and your therapist during the early sessions.  Using this formulation, strategies for change are developed and you can choose between you what type of areas to to focus on and review treatment.  


Brighton Counselling and Psychotherapy provides CBT across Brighton and Hove.  Practitioners use a formulation in order to understand how your ways of being, relating and functioning were formed. 'Formulation' also helps to identify how difficulties are being maintained.  Sometimes we are not aware of these patterns or the alternative choices we could make.  CBT aims to help you make more informed choices about how you cope and function.  It is in making such choices that lasting changes can occur, and therapeutic improvement generally continues beyond therapy stopping.


If you specifically want CBT (with us or anyone else) PLEASE DO ENSURE that the person that you pick is BABCP ACCREDITED and has a specific CBT qualification of at least one year CBT-specific training.  BABCP accreditation describes the highest level of CBT qualification in the UK today as they are accredited with the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies, the leading organisation for CBT in the UK.  


Many people on the internet say that they do CBT without a one year CBT training or accreditation.  It is is the accreditation from BABCP that it is important to look for.


Jeremy Christey is BABCP accredited and works as part of the Brighton Psychotherapy & Counselling multi-disciplinary team and runs CBT Brighton and  Both at assessment and during therapy, there will be opportunities to review your progress and should another approach be needed this can be arranged as a part of the team.



What’s the cost of CBT? 


The fee for our Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy is 20% cheaper than the typical cost of CBT over Sussex.  For more details, please see here.  You can book an intial consultation for just £10, by clicking that link or CALL 01273 917 447 or tweet @CBT_Therapist.


This fee is being held for the years 2014/15 because of the current economic climate.


We are proud to keep our therapy affordable, and although it is more expensive than counselling, if can ofter be better value as the number of sessions is usually shorter. 



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Book HERE for a £10 initial consultation. or call 01273 917 447 or tweet @CBT_Therapist.




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